Bancorp International Group

Recent Company History

In February 2011, Mr. Thomas Megas, CEO of Bancorp International Group, requested a UK firm of legal and law enforcement consultants, Carlton Huxley, to carry out a review of the case. Their immediate course of action was to establish how many, if any, unauthorised shares remained in the public domain.

Carlton Huxley have contacted the DTCC and all the major brokerage houses who traded these securities to establish whether they hold unauthorised shares. To date, none of these institutions has indicated that they have any certificates, let alone unauthorised ones. Similarly, none of the shareholders contacted by Carlton Huxley has any certificates either.

In the absence of any evidence to the contrary, there are reasonable grounds to believe that there are no unauthorised certificates in the public domain other than maybe with the DTCC.  

There are very few people, including brokers, who actually possesses physical certificates. However as a safeguard The Company advises that anyone in possession of a BCIT share certificate should contact the company or its legal consultants to obtain authentication.

Bancorp International Group Shareholders are advised to immediately request their share certificates from their brokers. Shareholders who require assistance and wish to consult with Carlton Huxley should use the following dedicated email address:

The Transfer Agent for the company have not changed and remains

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